Former minister Amar Agrawal direct attack on Bhupesh government!…. Said – Government of land mafia in Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur is the capital of land mafia….. In this state, land mafia is protected by political, administrative and influential people.

Former Revenue Minister and senior BJP leader Amar Agrawal has put the state government in the dock for major irregularities in the revenue department, Mr. Aggarwal has made a scathing attack on the state government and officials, alleging by holding a press conference. Aggarwal has said that it has been two decades since Chhattisgarh was formed, never before there was such disorder and chaotic situation which has arisen in the last two and a half years due to the lax policy of the government, as a result of which in Chhattisgarh from village, Majron, Tolo to city capital, The land mafia is dominated by the wealthy and due to the protection of the ruling power in the business of land property, exploitation of the common people has become common.

Agarwal has said that in two and a half years, Bilaspur has become the capital of illegal plotting and land mafia. Ever since the Congress government came to power in Chhattisgarh, the land mafia has become active, their silver has come. The trend of getting government land and private land owned by anyone is going on in the state. All this is not possible without the patronage of revenue officials and politicians. He has said that BJP workers will extract information through RTI and will expose cases of land turmoil under the guise of demarcation and disputes arising out of sudden two-and-a-half years in the Congress government.

Agarwal has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party government adopted a systematic policy of revenue during its tenure. By reviewing the rational rules and bye-laws related to revenue from time to time, reforms and necessary reforms were implemented by committed effort for the convenience of the public. The BJP government never allowed the plans of the land mafia to dominate. For two and a half years, the Congress government seems to have been made to work for the mafia like a human. As soon as the Congress government was formed, the registry was flooded by allowing deals smaller than 5 decimals. At the time of online registration, registry was allowed without demarcation, which is the root cause of all the demarcation related confusion.

Aggarwal has said that by giving the right to auction 7500 square feet of government land to the District Collector, there is open distribution of government lands, in this game you all know such people are getting benefited who already have a lot of property and property. . Against this exercise of wastage of public property, notice has been given to the Government to prepare district wise details of such land allotments under the petition in the Hon’ble High Court. In the coming times, you will find that what has been fed in this monkey and how people are being oblivious to the protection of government power by misusing public property.

Former minister Amar Agrawal

Agarwal has said that you all are well aware that the cases of land property disputes in Bilaspur with different cities of the state remain in the news headlines every day. Due to the wrong policies of the Revenue Department and due to the neglect of the State Government, no such day would have passed when a report was not written in any police station of a city in relation to land mafia’s actions, land disputes, occupation, assault etc. You have gone

Aggarwal has said that by going to the root of these problems, you will find that 12 to 15 years old cases are being heard openly with the connivance of the officers of the Revenue Department. In many such cases, people are being harassed and forced to sell the land at a throwaway price by getting the demarcation done again. All such cases should be listed by the district administration and disposed of properly. Unnecessary occupation of government land has become common. Where there is vacant government land, such plots are being occupied by mafia by manipulating the records, showing relation to their own land, this is a serious matter. Recently, in Gariaband district, with the connivance of the revenue patwaris, the matter of selling the land of the tehsil came to the fore, you can understand how serious the situation is?

Agarwal has said that in view of transparency and fairness, the BJP government had started the process of online registry. Registry could not be done without demarcation, hence demarcation disputes were also less. The Congress government invited controversies by allowing online registry without distribution. Even during the BJP’s tenure, the land mafia used to insist on implementing the rules in their own way, but their point was not made. The transparent system of online registry based defined process used to reduce disputes. The BJP government made online registration mandatory for B1 measles, and in the absence of which the registration could not be done.

Former minister Amar Agrawal

Agarwal has said that nowadays the business of vacating the rented land under the protection of the government is going on in full swing by buying the rented land for 10%, due to which disputes keep happening every day. The land mafia was also vigorously engaged for exemption on all subjects, instead of the interest of the public, the Congress government changed the rules in the protection of the land mafia, due to which the situation of dispute arises every day.

Aggarwal has said that illegal plating work is going on in full swing without layout, without diversion plots are being sold to people and middle class people are wasting their lifetime earning by falling prey to such business. The proceedings on the cases registered in the said case are being done only on paper. There have also been cases of construction of green belt land on the banks of river streams as private land (Sakri Gokna Nala case etc.), in which the builders are not even releasing the prescribed land for public purpose.

I would like to tell all of you that the common people are facing many difficulties even due to approval of deals related to purchase and sale of land without completing the Nistar sheet for public use. The Revenue Department should get the government land considered from the time of implementation of the settlement system and proper identification of the disposed land for public purposes, the details must be given in the description of the transaction.

Agarwal has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party never gave preference to the land mafia during its rule, if you look at the working of the Revenue Department, then today you will find that the revenue staff has been given district wise contracts for the business of land and property. .

Aggarwal has said that two and a half years ago the Congress government started changing the rules according to the land traders on the bundles of false declarations, as a result, today the entire state, including the courthouse, has come under the clutches of land mafia, it seems that the government’s intention It is to encourage disturbances, that is why deliberate changes were made in the rules out of the interest of the public, as a result of demarcation disputes, registry scams, land grabbing cases are increasing and now this business has taken the form of gang war. is. There is always the possibility of a major accident on any given day.

The Chief Minister and the Revenue Minister are requested to make rational changes in the departmental rules to make them public interest, which will benefit the public and not the mafia. People should not be harassed unnecessarily by opening 15- 15 year old cases of land deals without any appeal. Systematic identification of government land should be done from the time of implementation of the settlement. The officers of revenue should discharge their duties for the benefit of the general public and action should be taken against the servants involved with the land mafia.

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