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Former Minister Amar Agarwal in Facebook Live : Questions raised on the functioning of the CGPSC…Increased probation calls and stiphon salary cheated with youth

Speaking on the issue of youth in his talk in the Facebook Live program, former minister Amar Agarwal said that the Chhattisgarh government is engaged in playing with the youth interests. is.

He said that the public service agencies are conducting arbitrary examinations by the Public Service Commission. In the 2020 Public Service Recruitment Examination, there is anger among the youth of the state after the disturbances in the Model North. Mistakes are being made in the answers to questions in every examination taken by PSC, in which the interests of the participants who give correct answers in large numbers are being affected. The Public Service Commission has proved to be of secondary status in relation to the efficiency of the expert who sets the question paper.

Last month on February 14, the question of more than a dozen questions in the 2020 State Public Service Preliminary Examination by the Commission by the controversial answers has led to youth agitation across the state and the functioning of the Public Service Commission is a big disappointment among the contestants. The situation is being seen, a margin of 20% has been fixed to benefit the loved ones in recruitment. The government is only engaged in counting the figures. No recruitment has been done by Vyapam in 2 years. Deletion of 20% of questions in any exam paper is a legal measure to save yourself from the test-taking agency / expert setting the questions. This makes the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission a question mark on credibility and efficiency. Is deeper. There is a minimum error in the question and answer of any PSC examination,The integrity of the recruitment examination should be maintained by improving it in a transparent manner.

He said that after the new recruitment, the probation period of the youth has been unprovoked for 3 years, citing the financial condition of the state in the name of Corona, it is an injustice to the youth directly. It has been made a rule to issue staff pay instead of full-time salary to the candidates who are selected in the recruitment examination after hard work, messing with youth interests should be stopped. The DA of the personnel is unnecessarily kept pending and no increment is being given for 6 months.

Shri Agrawal demanded to take corrections by taking cognizance of the collector on cases of disturbances in the revenue department in Bilaspur district. He said that in Bilaspur district, the revenue department is working as an organized gang in association with land mafia and the land is also occupied. People are being harassed by opening 35 years old cases of delimitation and registry. There is no interest of departmental attack in the demarcation and demarcation and disposal of the subjects of Public Service Guarantees and City Centers relating to other states. He said that suddenly an old lady came into the house in Sarakanda and started interfering with the occupation of the land mafia. With the connivance of the Revenue Department, the land mafia prepared the old land documents. With the implementation of the Missal Settlement, except the Nistar leaflet, till date, Mr. Agarwal asked for the maintenance of records of all government lands and Satyapan from the Collector Bilaspur.If revenue system is not reformed soon, collector will be surrounded and there will be mass movement.

In the media statements, the Chief Minister describes Bilaspur as his own, whereas he did not make any kind of funding for the development of Bilaspur, in his name, the work of a college playground is being made to benefit the private trust. Illegal plotting is going on in paper in an open game. The FIRs lodged by the police are dying and the illegal patting is thriving with the patronage of power.

While congratulating the festival of Holi and the World Theater, he urged him to play every role in life vigorously and said that in the global campaign of vaccination against Corona, the Indian vaccine in more than 100 countries is based on Indian philosophy of human service work. The vaccine will be available for every countryman in our country.

Surprisingly, while this campaign is being appreciated all over the world, national parties like Congress in India are doing politics of confusion in the country about the credibility of vaccines. Due to the neglect of the Chhattisgarh government, the citizens are increasingly growing in the coronavirus, appealing to the citizens to follow the corona standards and make the vaccination campaign successful.

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