पॉलिटिकल कैफेपॉलिटिकल पंच

Health Minister TS Singhdev said : wrong news going on in my name….6 thousand people are going to die from corona, I did not give such a statement…..Singhdev explained the situation

Health Minister TS Singhdev objected to one of his ongoing news on social media. He said that I have not spoken about the death of 6 thousand people of Chhattisgarh from Corona, Singhdev said that today I have not given any such statement, two months ago, based on what the researchers had estimated, preparedness It was said that the health department is ready to fight the corona infection. Singhdev said that some people are spreading rumors in my name.

Health Minister said that experts estimate that Corona can reach 30% in Chhattisgarh, my estimate is up to 10%, I have been saying that Corona infection is increasing based on expert assessment, fight Corona war The state government is making adequate arrangements. I have already been told that our researchers, who are of world class, belong to the country, belong to our state, they have their estimates in front of you. Based on his research, we have made some preparations and are doing some work.

Singhdev said that on a matter like Corona, do not run anything in my name without speaking to me, I am constantly getting a call that some people are running the news of death of 6 thousand people from social media in my name, they are Do not do this. In the time of Corona crisis, such news should be avoided.

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